To create high quality jewelry with immutable proof of ownership and authenticity

Most retail jewelers in the western world sell mediocre precious metals and gemstones in their jewelry. Few people know enough about this to question it, and people pay high prices for sub-par products.

We create unique pieces of fine jewelry, using only high-quality precious metals and gemstones. Every piece made is paired with an NFT proof of ownership minted on the Cardano blockchain, enabling you to pass on this precious heirloom through generations with indestructible proof of ownership.


We are a group of friends who know each other in real life.

In 2020, we discovered Cardano and became firm believers. We started our engagement with the project: setting up staking pools, creating educational videos, promoting adaptation, and participating in governance projects.

We wanted to create high-quality merchandise for the community, something fellow Cardanians can wear to conferences and meetings, as well as in daily life settings. That is the first ideation of the Lovelace Genesis series. 

Mary Hardfork enabled us to combine the physical manifestation of Cardano with intangible proof. Shortly after, we began the production of what would become our first NFT jewelry series:

Lovelace Genesis 

25 pieces of dual-purpose unisex jewelry, with pendant and brooch functionality. Each piece a unique collectible, with an NFT proof of ownership.

Cardano and Us
Working on Cardano Project
Prototype of Genesis Series
Quality Control
Lovelace Genesis Series

Our Team

We are from different cultures and backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: we believe in Cardano and are all actively engaged in the community.



Technology, Strategy

SPO of NANI Pool
Project Catalyst Proposer
Build Engineer



Marketing, Production, Supply Chain

SPO of FIKA Pool
Project Catalyst Proposer
Crypto Content Creator

Communication & PR


Social Media Management

Project Catalyst Proposer
Art Specialist