Product & NFT

High-quality and unique jewelry with indestructible proof of authenticity and ownership.

Every piece of jewelry comes with its own NFT, minted as a unique native token asset on Cardano’s blockchain.

Unlike traditional artworks and jewelry, no experts or institutions need to be involved in verifying the authenticity of our jewelry, the blockchain will testify to the chain of custody. This allows you to pass on this precious heirloom through generations with immutable proof of provenance.

Physical forgery can claim to be genuine Yifu Pedersen jewelry, but the NFT proof of ownership is impossible to copy. Not even Yifu Pedersen can recreate an NFT.

It is genuinely, and truly unique – until the end of time.

Yes. Every product and product series is a limited edition.

In a product series, every piece has a unique name and identifier. No two pieces are interchangeable.

No single product, or product series will ever be recreated. When we say “one of a kind”, we mean it.

Every piece is unique, with a name, identity and a proof of ownership in the form of a Non Fungible Token (NFT) minted on the immutable blockchain of Cardano.

The NFT functions as any traditional proof of ownership of an artwork; With the jewelry and its NFT in your possession, you are the irrefutable owner of the unique piece. 

All NFTs are created with published policies. The policy details that creation of the NFT is impossible after a certain point in time on the Cardano blockchain. This means that it is impossible to recreate the NFT, by anyone.

With an immutable proof of authenticity and ownership, you are able to prove the provenance of your unique collectible at any point in time. You are free and able to sell your unique collectible without any 3rd party involvement required for authentication. 

Yes. You can send the NFT to an ADA Shelley wallet address just like you would normally send ADA. NFT’s are native asset tokens on Cardano’s blockchain.

The buyer/seller is able to look up the piece in Yifu Pedersen’s archives, and verify that that the asset identity and policy id matches that of the genuine article.

If it’s a match, then the buyer can rest assured that the product they are considering purchasing is an authentic Yifu Pedersen piece.

Genesis is the first series of the Lovelace collection.

The series consists of 25 unique pieces. Each can be worn as a necklace pendant, a suit lapel pin, or a brooch. A unisex piece of jewelry for the strongest proponents of the Cardano project.

 The pieces were made with 925 silver, coated with a thick layer of yellow or white 18k gold plating.

Each piece is unique, with it’s own name and identity.

  • 1-6 are 18k yellow  gold plated, and named: Ada, Basho, Byron, Goguen, Shelley, and Voltaire.
  • 7-25 are 18k white gold plated, named after their number in roman numerals: VII, VIII, … , XXV

Each piece was created with an immutable proof of ownership, minted as a unique token on the Cardano blockchain, to ensure indestructible provenance to persist indefinitely.

Purchase & Payment

The starting price of the first auction is 1899 ADA.

The first bids can be placed on 24 June, 16:00 UTC on Telegram.

Every piece is sold by auction using a Telegram bidding bot via our official auction Telegram channel.

The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win the right to purchase the piece.

Write a PM to our Twitter account to work out the details with us about your desired piece.

We are in the process of setting up escrow partnerships, offering additional security for those willing to pay for the extra peace of mind. Details will be settled and announced before the first auction.

Direct settlement will be available for those who prefer it.

In-person exchange is possible in London, UK.

about the auction

What you will need before you start bidding:

  • follow @YifuPedersen on Twitter
  • Start a conversation with @YP_auction_bot on Telegram
  • Write/tweet to the bot, to initiate the registration process

Find a detailed step-by-step bidding guide here.

Follow our Twitter account for bidding guide release, and subscribe to our email newsletter for auction start dates.

Each auction will be announced on our official Twitter account as well as Telegram auction channel 48 hours in advance.

We also send email notifications for upcoming auctions, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

The first auction starts on 24 June, 16:00 UTC.

You can see the live price updates on our Telegram auction channel

All bids are made in ADA, with no correlation to its fiat market price.

The starting price of the first auction is 1899 ADA.

Each auction will display its deadline. The default duration is 48 hours

On the Telegram auction channel and the YP Auction Bot twitter account.

If you are the winner, you will automatically receive a DM message from the Telegram bot @YP_Auction_bot.

We will then contact you via DMs from the @YifuPedersen twitter account.

By providing the bot access to read your username and who you follow, we are able to verify your identity.

This is necessary to preclude bad actors from making false bids.

All the bot stores is your Twitter username, linked with your Telegram username.


You will receive a DM from our official Twitter account @YifuPedersen 

Make sure you are following @YifuPedersen and are able to receive DMs.

You will provide address at which you wish the physical product to be delivered, and wallet address to which the associated NFT should be sent.

Depending on your region, we use the best available international express courier services. Including, but not limited to, DHL, UPS and FedEx.

All shipping costs are covered by Yifu Pedersen

We ship to all countries and regions that our couriers (DHL, UPS, FedEx) deliver to.

You are responsible for paying any import taxes and duties subject to your country’s laws and regulations.

If you have more questions